Smile Zone by Jeff Luker in Portland, Oregon, USA

Every last Thursday of the month they shut down a street near my house and turn it into a street festival. I’ve never been to Burning Man but I’m pretty sure this is as close to a mini version of it as is possible. Hippies, steam punks, fire dancers, drum circles, tribal art and so on cover the street. The stench of weed smoke and sage is overwhelming. The first time I tried to walk down the street one balmy summer night and this was taking place I thought I had walked into a waking nightmare. But these days I just find it humorous and take in the mad spectacle of it all.

Name:Jeff Luker

Perfect day in Portland? Summertime camping in the woods, cliff jumping, riding bikes, waterfalls, barbecues.

Occupation? Photographer.

Preoccupation? cranberry farmer

Little known fact about Portland? Portland has a very high unemployment, about 95% of the people here are on food stamps.

Your favorite place in the world? I don’t think I’ve been there yet.