Snowshoeing Mt. Shavano by Morgan Cook in Buena Vista, Colorado

I am a Colorado native, and this picture reveals the rugged beauty of my home state. Just outside of the little mountain town of Buena Vista, Colorado stands Mt. Shavano, the first 14er I summited on foot (or, technically on snowshoe). This picture harnesses several elements Colorado is known for; blue skies year-round, mountains, hiking, beautiful views, high altitude, snow, sun, and unpredictable weather. Shortly after I took this picture, immersed in the quiet calm of the summit, a snow storm blew straight into us without warning. Luckily, some of us had brought roll-up sleds, and as a result, I had my first slide down a 14,000’+ mountain. One snapped trekking pole and face-altering sunburn later, I had achieved my first 14er just outside the town where my great grandparents had set up home before I was born. They chose a gorgeous view, where I challenge anyone to be bored.

Name:Morgan Cook

Marketing/Graphic design


Anything outdoors, adventure, traveling, exploring. This quote sums it up:

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.”

Tell us about the place you live:

Beautiful views, unending adventure, purple mountains majesty, craft beer obsessed, schizophrenic weather, sunshine all year, incredible sunsets… and there’s ALWAYS something to do. People who really love Colorado most likely believe that quote from Betty in Mad Men: “Only boring people are bored.”

A perfect day?

A gorgeous hike, followed by one of our fun breweries and some good food.

What is the best thing about Buena Vista?

It’s hard to get to. The feeling of accomplishment at reaching the summit of a 14er in winter, married with being away from the rat race. Working together to reach the top. The VIEWS. The sledding. All of it!

What is the worst?

It’s hard to get to (best and worst thing about it). The weather is unpredictable, so you could be cold or hot in less than a minute. That’s Colorado, but it’s even more exacerbated at the summit of a 14er like Shavano, where the weather moves even faster.

What would be surprising about Buena Vista to an outsider?

The weather, and probably snowshoeing up the “angel,” which is a long, tough hike. However, the view from the summit is equally surprising and spectacular.

If your city was a person or character who would it be?

John Wayne, Pocahontas, or Annie Oakley.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Ariele Alasko, Andy Goldsworthy, Stacy Schiff


Name:Morgan Cook

City:Buena Vista

Favorite place to eat:

Eddyline Restaurant and Brewery (river location)

Favorite place to drink:

Deerhammer Distillery

Favorite shop:

Sundance & Friends (across from Eddyline by the river), or The Trailhead (outdoor gear)

Local Tip:

The locals pronounce the town’s name, Buena Vista, like “b-yoo-nah” vista. Before you get angry, remember that Los Angeles should be prounounced “lohs ahn-hell-he’s.” 🙂

Must Do:

Check out Eddyline Brewery by the river, Deerhammer Distillery, Mt. Princeton or Cottonwood Hot Springs, ski Monarch or Cooper, raft/kayak/SUP in the summer, hike the abundance of 14ers, snowshoe, ride ATVs/dirtbikes, camp.