Starlings by Matt Martin in Brighton Pier, Brighton, England

Brighton pier has always had a place in my heart. It always looks good. It stands out to me as a place that is iconic of the British seaside. This photo was taken looking back towards town. The sunsets are always beautiful and light up all the windows of the hotels. Starlings always fly in big groups and can been seen a lot during summer flying over and around the pier.

Name:Matt Martin

Place you live: Brighton, England

Place your photo was taken: Brighton Pier

Occupation: photographer

Preoccupation: shoe shop manager

A perfect day in Brighton? Riding our bikes everywhere.great thing about Brighton is you have the sea, countryside and a busy city all at you finger tips.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Have a Sunday roast, get drunk and sit on the beach in the sun.

A perfect meal? Seven Bees Cafe do the best fry-ups in town.

A little known fact? The west pier was burnt down by gangsters who own the Brighton pier. Pier wars!