Summer Nights at Eakins Oval Park by Alison Scott in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Summers in any city are always an exciting time of year. Restaurants move their seating back outdoors, festivals claim the weekends, farmers markets pop up in every neighborhood. Philadelphia is no exception to that buzz but their pop-up beer gardens, street festivals, city-wide happy hours and summer events are on an entirely different level. One popular summer spot is Eakins Oval – or The Oval – which is a pop-up open-air public space right in front of The Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Oval committee fills days with free yoga series, pop-up mini golf, hands on children’s programs, beer gardens, food trucks, movie nights, fashion shows, various themed activities and so much more. It’s a space where Philadelphians can go and find something fresh and exciting to do. A public space that welcomes all different types of people with different interests.

Name:Alison Scott

Marketing Coordinator


Having a new hobby each week to keep learning and keep it fresh, #1 cat mom, like to cook but like to eat more.

Tell us about Philadelphia:

Philadelphia is an underrated city in the eyes of many and Philadelphians like to keep it that way. We are a quiet threat in many areas – sports, business, arts, medicine. Our city is big enough to continue to have places to explore and experience, but accessible enough to experience a sense of community. Our history is evident down every street but innovation is still rampant. Philadelphia is the center hub for East Coast cities with its easy connection to New York, D.C., Baltimore and Boston.

A perfect day?

Taking a culinary tour through Reading Terminal Market with a warm latte in my hand.

What is the best thing about Philadelphia?

History, culture, greasy delicious food and local beer galore.

What is the worst?

Public transportation can be hit or miss.

What would be surprising about Philadelphia to an outsider?

All of the different, unique neighborhoods that Philly has to offer.

If Philadelphia was a person or character who would it be?

Kevin Bacon

Who are three of your favorite artists?

My friend Aubree Eisenwinter creates beautiful illustrations and my other friend Dyanna Betts paints mesmerizing scenes. I’m a big fan of local photographer Christopher Robinson and his photos of Philly. Everyone is an artist in their own way.


Name:Alison Scott


Favorite place to eat:

Any restaurant in Reading Terminal Market.

Favorite place to drink:

Standard Tap

Favorite shop:

Buffalo Exchange

Local Tip:

Visit Yards Brewery and go on a free tour of their brewery. The tour guide is hilarious, the tour is really interesting and you get free samples!

Must Do:

Philadelphia is covered in beautiful murals. Take a mural tour if you have a chance and see the city along with some local art that tells a story.