Sunny Days by Christina Sasani in Athens, Greece

Athens is a beautiful city. You can find anything you want and there are a lot of things to discover. Beside the modern side of the city you can see a lot of ancient remains and buildings (such as Acropolis) all over the place. On the day I took these photos, I was taking a walk in the streets of Plaka and I saw this beautiful scene, the remains of the ancient city next to the newest buildings. The old meets the new and they match perfectly in this scene. The light of the sun was a great touch and I couldn’t resist capturing the moment.

Name:Christina Sasani



Adding photos of the places I’ve been to my gallery and finding the little things that make them beautiful.

Tell us about Athens:

Athens has a great climate, such as the rest of the country, as part of the Mediterranean, which means you can enjoy a walk pretty much every day of the year. The people are helpful and kind. There are parks and hills for those who like walking and the sea is really close for those who like swimming or sunbathing or just staring at the crystal water and sunrise or sunset.

A perfect day?

Waking up early and taking a walk to the local streets in the center of the city. Stopping for a coffee break at a roof garden cafe near Monastiraki Square and watching the amazing view of the whole city from above. After that it’s time for lunch at a traditional taverna to taste the local food and then take a walk by the sea or go for a swim if the weather allows it. Spend the entire evening at the nearest beach bar drinking a cocktail and staring at the sea and the breathtaking sunset. On the way back take a stop to eat a delicious souvlaki to end your day!

What is the best thing about Athens?

The weather, the sea, the sun, the monuments, the Greek spirit.

What is the worst?

The traffic.

What would be surprising about Athens to an outsider?

You can always find places to go (for food, drink, dance etc) even during the night. This city seems like it never sleeps. You can also find souvlaki in almost every corner!

If Athens was a person or character who would it be?

I guess it would be Helen of Troy.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Steve McCurry, Martin Scorsese, AC/DC


Name:Christina Sasani


Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

Couleur locale

Favorite shop:


Local Tip:

Avoid Omonoia Square during night. Do not hesitate to ask locals for information. They are very friendly.  If you’re a student take advantage of the various offers and discounts (tickets, museums, sights etc).

Must Do:

Eat souvlaki.
Visit Acropolis and its museum.
Visit the local coasts.
Take a walk near Plaka (the old city).
Go to a Greek Tavern with traditional music.
Absolutely visit the Greek Islands during summer.