Sydney’s Secret Beach by Laura McWhinnie in Bondi Beach, Australia

Sydney’s secret beach.

Name:Laura McWhinnie

Place you live: Bondi Beach, Australia

Place your photo/video was taken: A secret beach in Sydney near Bondi.

Can you sum up the place you live in a short paragraph? Bondi is an eclectic little suburb by the sea that attracts an interesting mix of people.  It’s a base for designers, creatives, surfers, travelers  tourists and people who have been living there for 50 years – creating an explosion of different styles and a dream locale for people watching.

Occupation: Writer and founder of

Preoccupation: Summer chaser

What is a perfect day in Bondi Beach? Waking up to a beautiful sunny day. Going for a run along the beach. Making a smoothie. Choosing a bikini. Taking a swim. Chilling on the beach with friends. Taking photos. Going for a surf. Sunset drinks and dinner by the sea.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? The Bondi to Bronte coastal walk is a must. It’s a spectacular cliff top walk that passes some of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches.

A perfect meal in Sydney? Anything on the menu at Anchor Bar. Their menu caters for Bondi hipster types and the health-conscious, with all produce sourced from sustainable suppliers. Try their signature drink, the eye-watering guava and jalapeno infused margarita ‘The Machete’, and one of the best martinis in town.

What is the best thing about your spot? Definitely the beaches. Bondi Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in the world, but there are dozens of beaches in the area that are relatively unknown. The one in this image is about a five-minute drive from Bondi, but most locals don’t even know it exists.

What is the worst? Winter.

A little known fact about where you live? The name Bondi itself is said to be of Aboriginal origin, meaning “the sound of breaking water”.

Where is your favorite place in the world? Sydney in the summer and Hawaii all year round!

Who are three of your favorite photographers? Slim AaronsMario Testino, and David Prichard.