Delica by Sean Marc Lee in Taipei

If I were to sum up Taipei in a color palette, it would be all greys and greens. So when I see little colorful things like this I can’t resist photographing them. This was taken outside of a rooftop cat shelter we visited to adopt a kitten.

Name:Sean Marc Lee



Post-production Hollywood slave in Los Angeles

Tell us about Taipei:

A laid back, gritty, punk rock, Chinese version of Tokyo.

A perfect day in Taipei?

Getting out of the hustle and bustle of Taipei is a must. But sometimes you discover these little picturesque back alleys in a part of the city you never have reason to visit. Exploring Taipei and finding new things is sometimes a perfect day in itself.

What is the best thing about Taipei?

It’s convenient to everything I need in a city, and I’m close enough to walk and bicycle to things.

What is the worst?

The dire lack of good Mexican food and a proper deli sandwich.

What would be surprising about Taipei to an outsider?

Taipei has become more or less a destination, especially for its cuisine. But what surprises even people who return to Taipei after several years away is how fast the city is changing. Many people are coming back to set up new businesses influenced by their time abroad.

If your Taipei was a person or character who would it be?

The animated character Totoro sitting on a bench on a rainy day.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

I’ve been a fan of this Taiwanese band called Forests. Their lead singer is Taiwanese-American so their sound is not quite Taiwanese, but not quite western. A little hard to explain.

They played with this other musician I like, Dirty Beaches. Who, if I were to describe, is a mix of moody surf rock inspired by Wong Kar Wai, Tsai Ming Liang and Hou Hsiao Hsien films. Give the films some grit, dirty guitar loops and turn the lights off, and you have Dirty Beaches.

Finally, a young Taiwanese photographer currently based in Macau, Puzzleman Leung.


Name:Sean Marc Lee


Favorite place to eat:

Wootp, because I love their cioppino soup and their smokey Bloody Mary.

Favorite place to drink:

Ounce Taipei!

Favorite shop:

I really don’t shop much…

Local Tip:

The city bicycles are free for the first 30 minutes.

Must Do:

Sing karaoke with me.