Tang & Spam by Katie King in Guam

Sometimes while living in Guam, you drive past the dog on top of the caribou and think oh yeah that’s just the…. oh wait! I better pull of to the side of the road to take a picture. It’s amazing what you can start to take for granted living in a place like this.

Name:Katie King

Place you live: Guam

Place your photo was taken: On the way home from Agana to Santa Rita.

Occupation: Freelance Photographer

Preoccupation: Loosing my cell phone in my purse.

A perfect day? A PERFECT day for beauty-overload in Guam would start with a sunrise trip to Ritidian Beach in north island, a mid-day splash in the salt water pools in Umatac in south island, and ending out the day with a cross-island motorcycle drive at sunset!

A perfect meal? I’d say Pika’s Cafe, hands down.

A little known fact? Guam is big on Tang & Spam. You heard that right. They are big winners here. Oh, and we have the world’s largest K-Mart. Beat that!