The Bay by Casey Catelli in San Francisco, California, USA

Tell us about your work:

These photos are part of an ongoing series I’ve been shooting in and around San Francisco since picking up a film camera for the first time in years. I’m primarily a portrait photographer, and I love shooting people I’m close to, but picking up a point-and-shoot has gotten me back into shooting more candid street photos and getting brave enough to approach strangers for portraits. San Francisco is a beautiful city full of interesting, inspiring and eccentric personalities. This series has been a fun way of trying to capture that.

Name:Casey Catelli



Finding humor in everything, connecting people, making art at Room & Makers studio.

Tell us about San Francisco:

San Francisco has the hustle of a major city, but it is also accessible to the incredible natural beauty that California has to offer. Having grown up in a rural town close to Philadelphia and NYC, I love being close to both of these environments. I love being inspired by the city’s energy, and recharging by exploring what’s just outside of it. I appreciate how every neighborhood here has its own distinctive feel, and how inviting and helpful the people in the creative community have been to me since moving here.

Describe a perfect day in San Francisco:

One of those rare 75 degree days when I can wear a t-shirt, eat ice cream, and go explore a hidden nook in the city (or just outside of it) and shoot some photos.

What is the best thing about living in San Francisco?

Being surrounded by creative people who are brave enough to take risks, fail, and try again.

What is the worst?

The widening socioeconomic gap and subsequent tension among different groups in the city.

What would be surprising about San Francisco to an outsider?

How quickly the weather can change over the course of a day in San Francisco’s crazy micro-climate. People aren’t messing around when they tell you to ‘dress in layers’ when you visit.

If San Francisco was a person, who would it be?

A gorgeous homeless person.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Michel Gondry, Charlie Engman, Gregory Crewdson


Name:Casey Catelli

City:San Francisco

Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:


Favorite shop:

Green Apple Books

Local Tip:

Layer up and don’t call it “San Fran”.

Must Do:

– Corona Heights at Sunrise
– Ice cream at Bi-Rite followed by Dolores Park across the street
– Ride bikes through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach
– The (free) observation tower at the DeYoung Museum