The Dream of Flying by Kerstin zu Pan in Berlin, Germany

I always had a weakness for flying and airplanes, for me they are symbols for the dream of flying. So it was a great pleasure to shoot at this museum! I actually always wanted to be a pilot!

Name:Kerstin zu Pan

Place you live: I travel a lot, but my base is in Berlin, Germany

Place your photo was taken: It was taken in Berlin’s Aircraft Museum

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Photographer!

A perfect day in Berlin? That would be a day in May, late spring, when the cherry blossoms fall, and the whole city awakes from its “winter beauty sleep.” Everybody is outside having a good time, its getting warm and people just can’t get their smiles out of their faces… 🙂

For the visitor? Grab a bike and go with the flow.

A perfect meal in Berlin? I like the restaurant DuDu, its the best asian- fusion food in town! Munchhhiiieeeesssss!!!!

What is the best thing about Berlin? Its very liberal and multicultural!

And the Worst? Winter, on average 3 minutes daylight a day and that in – 20 ° celsius is not very nice, believe me.

Can you give one piece of advice to aspiring photographers? Work as hard as you can and love whatever you are doing!

Your favorite place in the world? I have none. I am always happy, when I am with my friends, and those happen to live all around the globe.