The LINQ Las Vegas Travel Guide

We sent Yodeler Christopher Hainey to The LINQ Hotel & Casino to create a Las Vegas Travel Guide. The LINQ is a full-sensory hospitality and entertainment experience that offers a contemporary feel without a stuffy vibe. The environment is very approachable and welcoming, encouraging guests to be themselves and join the LINQ in creating their own unique Las Vegas experience. The Promenade, The LINQ’s outdoor experience, offers an array of tastes, and the High Roller observation wheel is a must-see attraction. Christopher created an incredible travel guide full of beautiful photos, secrets and destination tips just for you.

Name? Christopher Hainey

Occupation? Photographer / Musician

Preoccupation? Design

Place you live? Chicago, IL

How long have you lived there? Most of my adult life

Can you sum up Vegas in a paragraph? In a way, Vegas is hard to describe because there’s an incredible amount to do and see. What’s unique about this place is, there’s something for everyone.  I kind of see it as this mirage of sorts; a city that stands alone in the middle of the desert.

Vegas is a place you can go for a quick weekend getaway, or as a pit stop while driving across the country.  It’s bright and colorful at any hour of the day and there’s always something to do.

What is the best thing about Vegas? Personally, my favorite thing about Vegas is that it’s really great for the type of photography I enjoy shooting. There’s certainly no shortage of bright light, colorful environments, and unique characters.

What is a common misconception about Vegas? That it’s a one-way ticket to Sin City.

What are the people like in Vegas?  It’s a mix of tourists and weekenders and patient locals.

If Vegas was a person or character who would it be? Vegas would be that one eccentric uncle you see every couple of years who tells stories that are hard to believe.

Can you us about your experience at The LINQ? I had a really great and relaxing time at The LINQ. There’s a lot to see and do just hanging around the hotel.

My favorite part was hanging out at the pool. It was a great place to kick back and grab a bite or a drink, and just relax.

Or, you can take advantage of the party pool situation. Between the beer pong, the DJs, and the poolside daybeds, you’ve got everything you need, whether you choose to meet new people or chill out by reading a book.

The High Roller was an awesome experience, it’s about a 20-minute ride, and if you choose to go at sunset, you can see the city light up and come alive as the sun fades away.

The Promenade had no shortage of things to see, from a bowling alley to a fountain that converts to a stage for outdoor concerts, to all types of retail shops and restaurants.

What did you love about the LINQ? The hotel is laid out in a really convenient way. It’s super easy to get around the property and you’re in a central location—close to the Strip and tons of dining options.

The staff was very friendly and helpful, especially at the pool.  And, they have an automated check-in/out system, which was surprisingly easy and fast.

I loved the options they had available for food both inside the hotel and along the Promenade. I was literally eating In-N-Out fries (animal style) within minutes of arriving.

Also if you’re looking for something sweet there are a lot of great options from gelato, to mini-donuts, and even a cupcake ATM dispensing treats 24/7.

If a friend was visiting Vegas what would you suggest they do? You’ll need to get an early start. My recommendation is starting in Downtown Las Vegas and grabbing a coffee at PublicUs.

From there, you can walk over to the Downtown Container Park and do some shopping. Grab a bite at one of the food stalls and mill around in the repurposed shipping containers—it’s cool just to walk around the space and see the boutiques and offices using the containers.

After hanging around downtown, make your way to the Strip. Say a quick hello to Vegas Vic, the famed large neon cowboy, and poke your head into the local wedding chapels. If you head over to the Graceland Wedding Chapel, you might be lucky enough to catch an Elvis impersonator minister performing a ceremony for some happy couple.

Keep heading south and stop by the TV-famous Pawn Stars’ shop, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, to browse antiques and eccentric oddities.

Continue South and just before you enter the new part of the Strip, grab some tacos at Tacos El Gordo by afternoon.

At this point, I’d recommend abandoning your schedule for a bit and visit some of the local casinos and shops. It’s fun just doing the Vegas thing and playing a few games. Take a dip in the amazing pool at The LINQ to cool off and relax.

In the evening, take a ride on the High Roller for a full view of the city lights. I recommend doing this at sunset for the full experience. You’ll also want to snap a picture at the famous Bellagio Fountains. They have light shows every evening, starting every half hour. Sure, it’s kind of touristy, but pretty rad nonetheless.

After you’ve won big at the craps table, it’s time to treat yourself.  Head over to Guy Savoy’s French restaurant in Caesars Palace and indulge in the three Michelin star cuisine.

On your way out, don’t forget to stop and admire (or take a quick ‘gram) the historic sign “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.”

Perhaps more importantly, take note of the less festive, “Drive Carefully. Come back soon.”





Best place to eat:

Tacos El Gordo. It’s about 20 minutes away from the Strip and lives up to the hype. This is a real “taco experience.” It might not look like much, but El Gordo’s Tijuana-style tacos are well worth waiting in line for. I recommend the tacos al pastor, the Adobada, and the carne asada or really anything that comes on the delicious handmade corn tortillas.

Best place to drink:

PublicUs. Honestly, this is one of the best coffee bars I’ve been to. Great coffee, farm-to-table food, this is like a little haven in the middle of Vegas.

Best place to shop:

The Downtown Container Park. It’s an outdoor mall built from large shipping containers like the kind you might find on a cargo ship. The Container shops are an eclectic blend of boutiques and food stalls.

Travel tip:

Check out The Neon Museum. For those who don’t know, the Neon Museum is a full museum dedicated to preserving iconic Vegas signs. You can take a one-hour tour of the “boneyard” an outdoor exhibit of signage from landmarks like the Golden Nugget, Caesars Palace and more.

The tour itself is super interesting for anyone who likes a well-led history lesson, but it’s perfect for anyone interested in art, photography, and the campy dystopian vibe of viewing neon signs out of context.

Best place to stay:

The LINQ Hotel & Casino