The Moment You Fall Asleep by Karl Erik Brøndbo in Lake Mjøsa, Lillehammer, Norway

I did this this my last year in film school. I studied cinematography, had an idea and access to an expensive camera. It’s very short but it’s like the moment you fall asleep and it feels like your falling.

Name:Karl Erik Brøndbo

Occupation: Cinematographer

Preoccupation: This summer I’m shooting my first feature film called “Natt til 17”. It’s about kids going wild the night before the national day.

What is your perfect day in Norway? The day you realize it’s not winter anymore.

What is the best thing about your spot? In the summer it’s quiet her, everyone goes on vacation and the rest of us hangs in one of the many parks drinking beer.

What is the worst? Avoid the main street, Karl Johans gate. Expensive, crowded, drug addicts and beggars.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider? That you will have to pay 14 dollars for a beer.

A place you want to visit before you die? Always wanted to go to India.

Who are three of your favorite photographers/filmmakers?

Kasper Tuxen, Rodrigo PrietoAndré Chemetoff


Name:Karl Erik Brøndbo


Best place to eat?

Sjøflyhavna is an old airport for seaplanes. A bit outside of Oslo but is worth the trip.

Best place to drink?

Aku-Aku Tiki Bar for the best drinks in town. Try the Aku Aku Chili Sour.

Sukkerbiten is the perfect spot in the summer, located behind the opera near the sea. Not easy to find!

Ingensteds feels like Berlin, close to the river. It’s next to Blå which has great concerts.

And Fuglen of course!

Best place to shop?

Buy your records at Big Dipper Records.

Send your girlfriend to Frøken Dianas Salonger for the best vintage shopping while you have a beer at the many outdoor bars at Grünerløkka.

Local Tip?

Take a ferry out to the many islands in the Oslo Fjord. Have a barbecue and take a swim at sunset.

If someone was visiting what must they do?

See the rest of Norway. It’s much nicer 😉