The Photography of CIRCA 1983 by Owen Perry in Whistler, Canada

There’s an exceptional purity to nature in Whistler and the Sea-to-Sky corridor. The constant flow of moisture from the Pacific Ocean makes it a very wet place, lush with vegetation and life. This set of photos tries to paint an overall view of the weather and geography, capturing both the beauty of Howe Sound at sunset, and then not far away the mountains of Whistler. If you ever get the chance to visit, I highly recommend looking into flight tours, which give you a unique chance to survey the various geography from high above the Coast Range of mountains.

Name:Owen Perry

Interactive designer and photographer


Whatever makes me feel alive. I love to ski and play hockey in the winter. In the summer you’ll find me mountain biking, hiking and camping.

Tell us about Whistler:

Whistler is a paradise if you love the outdoors. While Vancouver gets drenched in rain, Whistler gets heaps of snow. Whistlerites look forward to the stormy weather because it means they’ll be skiing powder for the week ahead. There’s an unwritten 30cm rule where calling in “sick” for school or work is acceptable. The summers can be equally epic, if not better than the winters. They’re warm and sunny, and once the snow melts there’s a vast network of hiking trails and parks to explore. Just don’t feed the bears.

A perfect day in Whistler?

In the winter, it’s waking up to a bunch of fresh powder and having a coffee on the way up the gondola. In the summer, it’s hiking up to one of the alpine lakes, watching the sunset and then camping under the stars.

What is the best thing about Whistler?

The natural beauty is hard to beat. It’s not something you can fully capture in a photograph – although I certainly try my best.

What is the worst?

There are a bunch of small annoyances that come with living in a tourism-friendly town, but the positives far outweigh any negatives.

What would be surprising about Whistler to an outsider?

I don’t know. I suppose the place feels a little isolated from the rest of the world. People are fit, happy and always willing to help you while you’re visiting. If you’re coming from a big city, that general positivity can be somewhat surprising.

Who are your favorite artists?

Edward Burtynsky, Tim Navis, Roloff Beny, ISO50… There are too many to list.


Name:Owen Perry


Favorite place to eat:

The Pony (worth the short drive north to Pemberton)

Best bakery:


Favorite shop:

Escape Route. Locally-owned outdoor shop offering the best selection of quality gear. Highly knowledgeable staff eager to inform you of the area and present backcountry conditions.

Local tip:

There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.

Must do:

Winter or summer, taking the Peak-2-Peak gondola.