Tip and Smile by Caleb Davenport in Brooklyn

Brooklyn photographer Caleb Davenport’s feed gives us a fun look at New York City. His black and white shots and uniqe portraits show that he – and the city – have a sense of humor. Follow the fun at @saltydavenport

Name:Caleb Davenport

Place you live: Brooklyn, New York

Place your Instagrams were taken: These images were taken in New York, with the majority in Harlem and Brooklyn.

Can you sum up New York? Anyone could string together a million amazing words to describe New York. For me, it’s best summed up by the area of Williamsburg in Brooklyn: friendly, eccentric, vibrant and a place for me to call home.

What is a perfect day in New York? Early morning coffee with some friends and then a walk around Harlem to photograph the local kids up there. It’s so alive uptown – anything could pop off at anytime and you just might be in the right spot when it happens. I’ve seen a lot of cool, weird, exciting things happen up there. It’s a perfect place for a street photographer like myself. I would then head downtown to the East Village for brunch with some friends, and then out to a gig later that night. That sounds like a pretty epic day to me!

If New York was a person or character who would it be and why? If New York was a person it would be someone who is “too weird to live and too rare to die.” In a way the people shape this city and feels like a living being; it’s alive! This city has created its own characters and the characters have shaped it. New York is so unique and that’s why everyone falls in love with it.

How long have you been using Instagram? According to Instagram, 62 weeks

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both? If I shoot something really cool on my phone and don’t have a camera available then I will post it, otherwise it’s mainly my Voigtlander or Leica images.

What is your editing process? I try to limit the amount I edit any image. A lot of my images are shot on film so it would be a simply contrast alteration and then maybe just removing little dust spots that usually occur during the scanning of 35mm film onto the computer.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Stop with all the pouting and selfies and you should be okay.

Who are your three favorite Instagrammers? It’s forever changing but these are a couple of cool ones: @artofoto, @Purienne_, @mimielashiry




Name:Caleb Davenport

City:Brooklyn, New York

Best place to eat:

La Superior. It’s the best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten, and they do epic cocktails. Although a slice of pizza from anywhere is amazing too!

Best place to drink:

Dive bars are everywhere in Williamsburg, but for a cool view go to the Wythe Hotel rooftop.

Best outdoor activity:

Large weekend markets on the Williamsburg waterfront in summer. Gigs everywhere. Go walking. Anything.

Must do:

Hang out in local bars and cafes in the East Village and chat to people living there. Everyone will tell you something cool to do. Don’t be a boring tourist and see only the tourist side of New York. It’s not real.

Local tip:

Don’t forget to tip (15-20%) or $1 per drink at a bar and smile wherever you go. Everyone is friendly in New York, you just gotta get past the front that a lot of people put on.