Top Dog by Amelie Monti in Paris, France

Paris is known for its elegance and culture. But Paris is much more than that. This city is filled with unfamiliar and unexplored events that deserve our attention. Take the Paris Dog Show for instance. It began two years ago and hosts people and dogs from all over France.

Name:Amelie Monti



Observing the world. Practicing good posture.

Tell us about Paris:

Here good taste is a permanent quest.


A perfect day in Paris?

A sunny day when I can picnic in a park with my friends or go for a boat ride. 

What is the best thing about Paris?

From the Chinese district to Clignacourt, crossing Le Sentier or Le Marais, and from the Louvre to the Centre Georges Pompidou, you can get lost in time and space exploring this city.

What is the worst?

Parisians and our superiority complex which, ironically, makes us ridiculously provocative and sexy. Some say we’re rough and impolite, but take the time to get to know us and you will have a friend for life. 

What would be surprising about Paris to an outsider?

The elegance of our gardens and architecture, and our cheese.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Joseph Koudelka, Wes Anderson and Elliott Erwitt.


Name:Amelie Monti


Favorite place to eat:

Along the Rive Droite are small restaurants that are not too expensive. The addresses are kept secret by locals who only whisper them to each other. 

Local Tip:

Parisians aren’t attached to the city as much as they are the district where they  grew up, smoked their first cigarette, and experienced their first kiss. 

Must Do:

Walk. The city is best experienced on foot.