#trashhand by trashhand in Chicago, Illinois, USA


(my friends call me ‘trash’)

Place you live: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Specific location your photos were taken:

1. sears tower (I don’t call it willis tower.)
2. the loop
3. the rookery building
4. lincoln park zoo – by studio gang architects
5. disclosed location
7. cloud gate
7. midway airport
8. gary, indiana (35 minutes outside Chicago)

Can you sum up Chicago? One of the greatest cities on Earth. it’s a combination of everything you love about each major city in America put together. Summers are hot, winters are cold, and the skyline is one of a kind.

Tell us about these photos: This city was always proud of its architecture and of the architects who built them. Me being a fan of architecture, symmetry, and cityscape, this city was the perfect place to serve as my playground.

How long have you been using Instagram? Since June of 2011.

What is your editing process? I shoot with an iPhone5 (currently) and my favorite apps to use are:

1. Snapseed
2. VSCOcam
3. Photoforge2
4. Picfx
5. Afterlight
6. SlowShutter
7. AvgCamPro
8. Squaready

I’m always down to share the tools but never the ingredients.

Do you create images outside Instagram? I started shooting with an iPhone for Instagram 6 months before I even owned a camera. I think Instagram has a huge part in the my style of photography even outside of Instagram.

Does your feed differ from your work outside Instagram? I don’t think it differs too far from my work on Instagram except that I do take portraits for my blog and work. I hate portraits on and for Instagram.

Who are three of your favorite Instagrammers right now? 13thWitness, Jared Chambers, and Swopes