Trees along the outskirts by Daniel Kovalovszky in Budapest

I am experimenting by watching the nature that surrounds Budapest. I pay close attention to the passing of time and the connection between nature and myself. This silent monitoring of nature somehow therapeutically dissolves into my photography. I am attempting to find those “perfect” details of nature that are deeply hidden from the all-devouring world of civilization and tourists. When I step into the land of trees I can fully give myself over to this peaceful search, and for a time I can abandon the artificially created world. At times like this, a new space suddenly enfolds me, the desired infinite space. The silence is what I am searching for in places like this. And I am searching for the boundless in the silence.

Name:Daniel Kovalovszky



My family, my friends, wandering in nature, doing my long-term fine art projects and swimming as well.

Tell us about the place you live:

Budapest is a very unique and exciting city, both for foreigners and locals. There are many options for having fun, eating special meals and visiting great exhibitions as well. The city welcomes everyone who is really interested. I feel so lucky to live in one of the most amazing and green areas of Budapest. These photos were taken on the highest of the Buda Hills. From here you can see almost the whole city. The view changes from day to day, depending on the light. There used to be a large forest here but unfortunately thousands of houses have been built in this area in the past 20 years. My parents moved here in the 1970s from downtown. I have spent most of my life in this district so I have a lot of emotions and memories from here.

A perfect day?

Just having fun, going to the Danube River shore with my friends and their dogs, swimming, playing, chatting all day long, and relaxing under the trees after we eat fish and drink some cold rose spritzer.

What is the best thing about Budapest?

The scent of flowers everywhere in the springtime.

What is the worst?

Aggressive drivers.

What would be surprising about Budapest to an outsider?

The differences between the poor and rich districts.

If Budapest was a person or character, who would it be?

Sometimes David Lynch. Sometimes Pablo Picasso.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Jose Gonzalez, Pinter Bela, and Ferdinand Hodler.


Name:Daniel Kovalovszky


Favorite place to eat:

Híd Cafe at the Margaret Bridge.

Favorite place to drink:

Bambi Cafe

Favorite shop:

There are many small and unique shops in the 5th and 7th districts.

Must Do:

You must go to the Rudas Spa or Lukacs Spa, and visit the Normafa.