True Dedication by James Parascandola in Long Island, New York

Being a New York Surfer is always mind blowing to many. When I first picked up a camera I never thought it would bring me as far as it has. I began shooting surf photography about five years ago to allow others to understand the dedication it takes to be a surfer from the Big Apple. The best part is capturing the hidden beauty New York surf has to offer. No one expects the Atlantic to be so stunning.

Name:James Parascandola

Manager at Sundown Surf Shop and student.


Exploring the globe for waves and unique angles to photograph.

Tell us about Long Island:

When you tell someone you are a New York surfer most people scratch their head and ask “where do you surf in the city?” Believe it or not, Long Island, New York is one of the most beautiful places to be a surfer. Often the waves are garbage but the hurricanes and nor’easters stir up some of the best surf on the globe. The winters are freezing and the summers are blazing, but we are always out there. Being a surfer from New York teaches you true dedication. If there is a surf-able bump in the Atlantic, we are on it, and nothing will hold us back.

A perfect day?

A perfect day on Long Island is waking up on a cold winter morning to discover perfect surf, snow on the ground and not a soul in sight besides you and your best friends.

What is the best thing about Long Island?

The best thing about my spot would have to be the beauty it holds. When you say New York most people think big city, skyscrapers, and yellow cabs. Long Island has beautiful beaches, great people and is full of scenic views.

What is the worst?


What would be surprising about Long Island to an outsider?

Long Island would surprise any traveler. Along the coast there are beautiful beach communities and throughout the island you’ll find everything from city-like living to farm country.

If Long Island was a person or character who would it be?

If Long Island was a person it would be Barney Stinson, from “How I Met Your Mother.” Because Long Island is Lengen… wait for it… DARY! Hope you’ve all seen the show, otherwise you’re probably scratching your head.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

My three favorite photographers would have to be Matt Clark and Mike Nelson, both Long Island natives, who have paved the way for New York surf photography. They’re great friends of mine and have always been massive inspirations. Next would have to be Chris Burkard. Chris is an extremely humble individual who I had the chance to meet and talk photo with a few months back. Chris Burkard has taken landscape photography and surf photography and combined them into one, making for some of the most stunning images I have ever seen. Lastly, would have to be Zak Noyle. Zak is a photographer from Hawaii who takes some incredible images. Zak has always been a huge inspiration for me with his in water work which is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t already checked them all out you will not be disappointed.


Name:James Parascandola


Favorite place to eat:

My favorite restaurant would have to be Popei’s, small local place in Bethpage. All you can eat king crab legs, BOMB.

Favorite place to drink:

Any place with good friends.

Favorite shop:

Sundown Ski and Surf.

Local Tip:

Local tip… it may be cold in the winter, but the waves are as good as they look. Time to get a thick wetsuit!

Must Do:

If someone was visiting I’d say see it all, West to East. See the city and drive to Montauk. Long Island, New York is stunning.