Twin Island Lake by Grant Cornett in Pine Plains, New York

Its the view, the light really… the reason that we live up here.

Name:Grant Cornett

Place you live: Pine Plains NY most of the time, Ft. Greene Brooklyn during business hours

Place your photo was taken: This photograph is of my living room window looking out east over Twin Island Lake

Can you sum up Pine Plains? Pine Plains is home to an interesting mix of families, some who have resided here for generations. The owners of Fortune 500 companies keep their ponies next to farms where locals earn their livings slaughtering cows. Dairy farmers call it home. So do one-time Prohibition liquor producers. It’s a beautiful place.

Occupation: photographer

Preoccupation: staring, dreaming, cooking and worrying

A perfect day in Pine Plains? Being called for a job and realizing that this is what Ill be coming home to after a few days. But if you’re visiting the hike around Thompson Pond is something special.

A perfect meal in Pine Plains? Locally, The Stissing House. Best food around though is a 20 minute drive away to Red Hook where an amazing restaurant called Mercato exists.

What is the best thing about your spot? the view/quietness

What is the worst? It’s far from my friends

A little known fact about Pine Plains?  It used to have the biggest railroad exchange on the east coast, all the milk for new york… and some came from this area. All that milk had to go out immediately by train but when refrigeration was invented it shut it all down.

Where is your favorite place in the world? The southern australian coast line