Ultima Thule by David Cooper in The Green Holm, Shetland Islands, Scotland

Lying halfway between Scotland and Norway, Shetland is often called Ultima Thule, which refers to any distand place beyond the known world. It certainly feels like that at times, and the weather here can do strange things. They say that the west side of Shetland has the best weather, but i didnt know it could get this brilliantly messed up. This was shot in winter, and the unique combination of freezing temperatures, thick snow, thick mist and blazing sun had transformed the wilderness over the hill from my house into a landscape similar to the planet Hoth in Star Wars.

Name:David Cooper

Place you live: Shetland Islands, Scotland

Place your photo was taken: The Green Holm in winter, Shetland Islands, Scotland

Occupation: Student

What is a perfect day in the Shetland Islands? Turning beers into petrol bombs over at the cliffs.

A perfect meal? BBQ burgers at the beach.

A little known fact about where you live? There is a ruined stone tower or ‘broch’ over the hill that was built around 100 BC.