Vincent Carabeo’s Local Guide to Seattle

We asked Seattle local and photographer extraordinaire, Vincent Carabeo, to shoot some photos, share some insight and create a Visit Seattle Local Guide full of tips and local secrets just for you.

Vincent Carabeo

Name: Vincent Carabeo

Occupation: Freelance Photographer

Can you sum up Seattle? Seattle, or the Pacific Northwest in general, is definitely a place that grows on you. It’s a place that allows you to embrace the city life while being surrounded by the beautiful outdoor scenery. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy coffee shops at every corner?

Can you sum up the people of Seattle? Creative and adventurous are the two words that come to mind when I think about the people of Seattle. Maybe it’s my personal experience given that most of the people I’ve connected with are from the creative community but I’d say that a lot of people here are really creative and love exploring the outdoors.

Tell us about the photos you shot for this Visit Seattle Local Guide: Delicious food, coffee and desserts are really important to me but what initially attracts me to places are their interiors and lighting (yes, lighting has a big impact in why I choose to go to certain places). All of the locations I went to are places that I’ve visited quite a few times. Some are even spots that I go to at least 2-3 times a month. I chose them because of their food options, how delicious they are and of course their interiors.

What makes Seattle a great city to eat and drink in? There are a variety of places to go to and I have yet to go to a restaurant and completely dislike the experience and the food. They’re all great!

What type of cuisine do you associate with Seattle? Fresh seafood, herb farm, organic and a lot of vegan options.

What’s your favorite dish/cocktail in Seattle that everyone has to try? I’m very open minded when it comes to food and drinks so there isn’t really just one dish or cocktail I’d recommend. Each of the restaurants, cafes and shops that I recommended (in the Local Lens side bar) has something unique about them. They’re all delicious and I’m sure that you’d enjoy it.

What is a perfect day in Seattle? Waking up early for a morning hike or driving out to a spot to catch the sunrise (I highly recommend going to Mt. Rainier National Park) and then heading back to the city to enjoy some coffee, grabbing a dish from one of the places I recommended and then treating myself to a dessert. Of course, having my camera and capturing everything.

What do you love about Seattle? I love all of the local shops, the variety of places to choose from and how close it is to the outdoors.

What would be surprising about Seattle to an outsider?  It’s not always gloomy and wet and even when it is it adds to Seattle. The combination of the city life and the outdoors are incredible, rain or shine.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Just get out there and shoot. You learn more about photography by constantly photographing anything, everything, anyone and everyone. Expand your craft and don’t limit yourself. Versatility is key so don’t limit yourself to a certain style or format. Photograph people, landscapes, products, lifestyles and anything that catches your eye. Shoot with your phone, your DSLR and definitely dive into film if you can. Each format will teach you something. Connect with the community. I can never take full credit of where I’m at without crediting those who helped me. Of course I put in the hours to learn but the people I surround myself with, the community that I’ve been able to tap into and lean on for advice, the support and of course the inspiration have definitely helped pave my way into this creative industry.





Best place to eat:
I’d highly recommend trying The London Plane, Ba Bar, Fat Hen and Oddfellows Cafe + Bar. You’ll love their meals but each has a touch of something unique to them.

Best place to drink:

I spend a lot of time at Elm Coffee. I love this local cafe. It’s in a great area (Pioneer Square), so it’s around a lot of different shops and restaurants. The interiors are great and the people who work here are really friendly.

Best place to shop:

Revival Shop Seattle: a thrift store that supports and promotes local makers.

Best outdoor activity?

Hiking and exploring. There are a lot of different options here in Washington. You can make your way down south and head over to Mt. Rainier National Park. If you feel like heading up north you can head over to the North Cascades. If you want to be near the coast then make your way to Olympic National Park. Or you can drive to Snoqualmie Pass and hike some of the trails out there.

Favorite Park:

It’s very touristy but I love catching the sunset at Kerry Park. On a good day you can see the city skyline and Mt. Rainier. I highly recommend catching the sunset here.

Local tip:

When people say it rains a lot around here don’t let that deter you. Get out there and explore the city or drive out and explore the beautiful sceneries that surround Seattle. A little rain should never stop you from embracing all that Washington has to offer.