Washington State’s 20 Best Instagrammers

Washington is ripe with talented photographers, artists, and visionaries that have gained followings on Instagram. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, travel ideas or tips, or you simply appreciate the inherent beauty of the Pacific Northwest, make sure to follow Washington’s 20 best Instagrammers.

1. Michael Matti


Michael Matti is a Seattle-based photographer whose Instagram is packed with pictures from his travels throughout his home state and the Pacific Northwest in general. Each photo highlights a different aspect of Washington’s beauty.

2. Victoria Wright


Victoria Wright is a co-founder of Instagrammers Seattle and an accomplished photographer. Her feed expertly mixes her work with occasional glimpses into her everyday life.

3. Dan Cole


Though he grew up all along the west coast, Dan Cole calls Seattle his home. Prior to becoming a photographer, Dan studied graphic design and 3D animation, and this background has helped develop his style.

4. Daniel Volland


In addition to being a practicing optometrist, Daniel Volland is a Seattle-based photographer. He loves to photograph people creating things or just enjoying the great outdoors of Washington,

5. Dylan Furst


Dylan Furst was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest’s has heavily influenced his work. A large majority of his photographs contain little to no lighting to help highlight the gloomy weather of his home.

6. Aran Goyoga


Aran Goyoga is a photographer and food stylist who loves to capture the emotional component food brings to everyday interactions.

7. Cory Crawford


Cory Crawford is a photographer based in Spokane, Washington, who frequently captures moments and ways in which humans interact with nature. The majority of his photographs are taken in Spokane and the surrounding area.

8. Mio Monasch


Mio Monasch’s love for photography began when he moved back to Seattle after a stint in Colorado. As his appreciation for Washington’s beauty grew, he felt the impulse to carry a camera with him everywhere he went.

9. Jesse Weinberg


Jesse Weinberg is an Anacortes, Washington-based traveler and photographer who is wants to make the world smaller by making everyone more connected. His Instagram is full of pictures from his travels, but Washington will always be his home.

10. Roark Nelson


Roark Nelson grew up backpacking the Pacific Northwest during the summers, so it’s only natural that the scenic views are heavily featured in his work.

11. Jon Taylor Sweet


John is a wedding and lifestyle photographer that got his start taking photos on his iPhone for Instagram. His talent helped him score an actual camera, and he turned his hobby into a career.

12. Brittany Wright


While most of us were told not to play with our food, Brittany Wright turned playing with her food into an artform. Her Instagram is filled with creative images of food that will make you think before they make you hungry.

13. Mitch Pittman


Mitch Pittman has a background in television, which has helped him in his approach to photography; he knows great images can’t be forced. A board member on Washington’s National Park Fund, Mitch spends all of his free time exploring and photographing the Pacific Northwest.

14. Linda Derschang


Washington’s outdoors get quite a lot of love – and for good reason – but Linda Derschang’s Instagram reminds everyone just how beautiful its urban areas can be, too. As a Seattle-based restauranteur, Linda’s feed is also great for discovering new places.

15. Michael Giroux


Michael Giroux is a self-taught photographer that primarily works with models, though he does mix in some great Washington scenery.

16. Stefan Klinkowski


If architecture and cityscapes are your cup of tea, then Stefan’s Instagram is a must follow. He takes thought-provoking images of buildings that most people take for granted.

17. Marcus Klotz


Marcus does a great job of balancing photographs of Seattle and other cities with some truly remarkable scenes found off the beaten path.

18. Neha


Neha’s Instagram feed depicts family life in Washington through countless pictures of her son and images where she is the focus, usually with a scenic backgrop.

19. Tyson Edwards


Tyson Edwards captures scenes that evoke visceral emotional responses, sometimes through the use of models.

20. Spencer Hibert


Seattle-born Spencer Hibert is a self-taught artist who creates colorful and psychedelic pieces. His distinct style even shines through in his photographs, which prove to be just as captivating as his art.

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