Watching Windows by Christopher Stribley in New York, NY, USA

Jerry Kogan Field: This photo was taken at the Patricia Field store, in the East Village and is part of an ongoing series, called Watching Windows. For this series my main focus is on photographing mannequins in store windows, approaching them as portraits of captive beauties. In keeping with that idea, I name each mannequin, usually using the name of a well known model for the first name, a rock-star or actress for the middle name, and the store name as the last name. So this model is named for Jerry Hall, Theo Kogan, and Patricia Field. The names are partly intended to be over-the-top glamorous, but they’re also a parody of the names rich people give their children.

Name:Christopher Stribley

Place you live: New York, NY

Place your photo was taken: Patricia Field, East Village, NY

Can you sum up NY? New York City is a place full of life, inspiration, and opportunity. It is fast-paced and challenging, which is perfect if you’re looking to move forward in life. There is endless possibility at every turn, as well as so much beauty.

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Preoccupation: Capturing the wealth of beauty and inspiration that is so abundant in this city.

What is a perfect day in NY? Taking a stroll around the city, admiring and photographing the amazing architecture and street art, then going to a restaurant with outdoor seating, so I can watch the crowd go by.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? I would recommend avoiding the tourist traps, if possible. You really have to allow yourself a good amount of time when you visit here. Plan on coming for a few days, because if you just come for a weekend you’re going to feel rushed and run out of time. Go to MoMA or the Guggenheim and look at all the amazing art. Take the train out to Coney Island and visit Sideshow Alley and walk down the boardwalk to find a place to sit on the sand, then go and swim in the ocean. Also keep an eye out for interesting events, such as art openings or themed events, such as those curated by Dances of Vice (which you can find on Facebook), which bring together a lot of amazing talent.

A perfect meal in NY? One of my favorite things is to go to Dallas BBQ (referred to as BBQ, by the locals) in the East Village and get a half chicken and fries and a Texas-sized Margarita, with an extra shot. I prefer to sit outside, as it’s a prime location for crowd watching.

What is the best thing about your spot? Everything is so accessible. You can either walk everywhere or get on a train or bus and be there quickly, without having to deal with traffic. There are amazing art galleries, museums, shops, and restaurants. Then there’s the beach, as well as the amazing parks, which are wonderful getaway spots.