Watercolour Sky in Squamish, BC, Canada

Global Yodel contributor Stuart Langfield is responsible for this AMAZING official music video for Julien Mier‘s “Watercolour Sky,” from his upcoming EP, When Will You Wake Up. I will be out on King Deluxe, August 6th.
Its a trippy, cinematic journey through the countryside where a man awakens to a world full of origami animals.
Stuart Lives in Vancouver BC. He shot the video in Squamish, which is just under an hour from Vancouver. Here are his words on the spot. “It’s a haven for outdoor pursuits, climbing, skiing, camping etc. It’s pretty close to some of the locations where the 2002 film Insomnia was shot. It’s also full of bears and cougars…”
Be sure to check out Stuart’s YODEL and work on his website. Lots of exciting stuff there!