#WhatAboutBob by Patrick Kolts in Brooklyn

Using only his phone, photographer Patrick Kolts creates beautiful Brooklyn shots that capture a sense of peace we don’t normally associate with such a fast-paced city. Find your zen by following him at @patrickkolts

Name:Patrick Kolts

Place you live? Brooklyn, NY

Place your Instagrams were taken? Brooklyn, NY

Can you sum up Brooklyn? I live in peace surrounded by chaos.

What is a perfect Brooklyn Day? The perfect day would be a long morning spent reading, listening to music and going out for brunch, probably at Dizzy’s Diner… or Tom’s Diner. Then I would go for a walk in Prospect Park with the woman I love. The sunset hours would involve a motorcycle ride through the bustling streets of Brooklyn and maybe over the Manhattan or Brooklyn bridges to see the view, then turn around and head back to Lefferts Gardens, where I live. I would end the day cooking and laughing with my love and friends and neighbors.

If your city were a person who would it be? Bob Wiley, from What About Bob.

How long have you been using Instagram? Three years.

Do you use your phone or a camera or both? On Instagram I only post photos taken with my phone.

What is your editing process? My editing process is all done on my phone, mainly using Snapseed and VSCOcam.

Do you shoot photos outside of Instagram? I make my living with photography. I shoot documentary work, food and portraits.

Has Instagram changed the way you shoot? In some ways it has, I guess. It’s made me get in a more immediate type of mind frame. I feel as though what I shoot must be edited and submitted right away. In some ways it’s good due to the fast pace of life in New York, but there are many more ways it’s exhausting and unsustainable.

Do you have any tips for aspiring Instagram photographers? Don’t work for free. It destroys photography as a job when younger/newer photographers work for big companies for free or little compensation. The more that happens the smaller the budgets get for advertising and eventually no one will be able to make a living just shooting photography.

Who are your three favorite Instagrammers? @arielealasko, @laurenmarek, @eljackson




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Name:Patrick Kolts

City:Brooklyn, New York

Best place to eat?

The Mile End (Park Slope) or Hometown BBQ (Red Hook) or Peaches Hot House (Bedstuy)

Best place to drink?

Weather Up

Best outdoor activity?

Running or biking at Prospect Park.

What must a visitor do?

Top of the Rock

Local tip?

Eat your way through the city and keep your wallet in your front pocket.