#whidbeyisland by Stasha Becker in Whidbey Island, Washington

Stasha Becker lives and documents on the beautiful Whidbey Island just off the coast of the state of Washington.  Showing the best of the best when it comes to Pacific Northwest scenery, she frames her son and her giant lovable dogs as models for most of her scenes.  She shows what a perfect place Whidbey Island is for families and creatures of all ages.  Follow @northwestmommy and start planning your next family trip to the beautiful place she calls home.

Name:Stasha Becker

Place you live: Oak Harbor,  Whidbey Island, Washington, USA

Can you sum up Whidbey Island? Two hours north of Seattle, our island is the largest in Washington state. It is perfect in every way and we love it so very much. But we try not to tell others cause everyone will want to move here!

For the visitor? Explore the many national parks, hike the cliffs looking for a perfect spot for whale watching and sit on the beach in the evening, stargazing.

Best meal on the island? Well technically it is the town next door, but Coupeville has the best pizzeria outside of Italy and it is famous for many restaurants serving the famous local mussels.

How long have you been using Instagram?  I joined Instagram in March 2012. I have kept this top secret but the first month or so I used my iPad before I got my phone!

What phone camera do you use to shoot? I always use the native iPhone camera on my 4s. The one thing I am passionate about is exposing the shot right so I am an obsessive double tapper.

Editing process?/What apps do you use, if any to edit your photos? I use VSCO presets when editing all my professional work on the computer so I am partial to their app as well. But I barely edit them all together. I love it when I post the photo as I took it, especially when I get the horizon perfectly straight. It’s like my own little victory.

Do you create images outside of Instagram? I am a photographer so taking pictures is what I do.

Has Instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot? I definitely fiddle with my camera less and look for a story more during the photo shoots since I realized that even photos I take with my phone are good enough to print. I used to be obsessed with the technical perfection in my work, some would say I was a pixel counter. But in the end it is true, the best camera is the one you have with you. I now shoot mainly with one prime lens and spend more time interacting with my customers and less time swapping gear.

Does your feed differ from your work outside of Instagram?  On my Instagram feed I share my family life so most photos include my son, dogs and horse and our daily adventures. I tend to post a photo a day that represents it. But I am sure most would say my shooting style is similar in both my work and my iphoneography.

Who are your three favorite Instagrammers?  That is utterly impossible to answer. There is so much unique talent out there. I mostly follow people I connected somehow in my real life as well but I look at a huge amount of photos of many Instagrammers daily. I find them inspiring and the best way to feed my soul. Kind of like having an exhibition at a gallery with me at all times.

How about three of many of my favorite Instagrammers I have met and spent time with around Whidbey island? My dear friends and fab ladies @allistrange , @jessaworks and @shelbiplease.

Work: stashabphotography.com

Blog: northwestmommy.com