Why Dressing Your Age is Overrated

What a great series by photographer Qozop. Kind of like of Sincerely Hana’s classic Switcheroo project but with an age twist as opposed to gender.

This is a really interesting study in Asian culture and fashion/age stereotypes. Which generation pulls which outfits off better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

2 spring-autumn-asian-youth-elders-outfits-exchange-qozop-2

Chinese mother and daughter

3 spring-autumn-asian-youth-elders-outfits-exchange-qozop-1

Chinese grandmother and granddaughter

3 spring-autumn-asian-youth-elders-outfits-exchange-qozop-4

Malay mother and daughter

4 spring-autumn-asian-youth-elders-outfits-exchange-qozop-6

Indian grandfather and grandson

5 spring-autumn-asian-youth-elders-outfits-exchange-qozop-7

Indian grandmother and granddaughter

6 spring-autumn-asian-youth-elders-outfits-exchange-qozop-5

Chinese grandfather and grandson

– via demilked