Wind and the Rain by Mark McInnis in Cascadia

In these photos, you will notice a very strong sense of isolation. It is simply part of living in remote Cascadia. Up here in the wind and the rain, it’s not about hordes of people or the latest and greatest fad. It’s about connecting with nature at the ground level and living a simpler way of life with real, honest, people.

Name:Mark McInnis



Learning how to succeed as a freelance photographer.

Tell us about the place you live:

Cascadia is unique in that we experience the brunt of all seasons. Everything is full-force. From the 30 ft. storm surf of winter, to the endless flat spells in summer, Cascadia dishes out just about every type of weather you can think of. It seems that the weather is a constant topic of conversation and not so much to make small talk with a new friend at the coffee shop. No, the weather up here is as unpredictable and wild as it gets. So get some good rain gear, a durable thermos, travel in (very) small numbers, tread lightly and please, for the love of God, ditch the hashtags.

A perfect day?

It’s the rare days of offshore wind and manageable groundswell.

What is the best thing about your spot?

Lonely, cold waves, tall evergreens, the crazy locals, access to all kinds of biodiversity and the world’s best coffee.

What is the worst?

Lonely, cold waves, giant sharks, the crazy locals, summer surfers and months of endless precipitation.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

That the people, cities and experiences you have while here are actually weirder and more bizarre than you’d think.

Before I die I want to visit:

Too many to list. But a few are Chile, Alaska, Japan, Scandanavia, Scotland and some other remote areas that shall remain nameless.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Oh my gosh. Seriously? That’s tough. Only 3? Well I have to go with my buddies Chris Burkard and Jeremy Koreski on the photo level. Those two have inspired what I do and have helped me more than either of them would ever admit. Also, my buddy Jeff Proctor is an insane artist. He specializes in pretty gnarly, gory, zombie stuff, but if you dig deep enough, you can see that he is a phenomenal artist on many levels.


Name:Mark McInnis


Favorite place to eat:

Ned Ludd. Get the trout.

Favorite place to drink:

The Slammer for drinks. Any cafe for coffee.

Favorite shop:

Tactics, Poler Flagship Store, Patagonia

Local Tip:

Traveling alone, constant smiles and an outgoing attitude are the best guides in Cascadia.

Must Do:

Check out the Columbia River Gorge.