Winter Laps by Bryan Banducci in Brooklyn, New York

This is Prospect Park in the dead of winter in New York. I am a photographer by trade and bike racer by hobby and these two parts of my life are deeply intertwined. This image is familiar to any cyclist in New York who rides in the middle of winter hoping to achieve some marginal gains for the upcoming spring racing season.

Name:Bryan Banducci



Coffee and Pellegrino enthusiast

Tell us about Brooklyn:

Bed Stuy, Brooklyn is an interesting place to live in 2015. It’s currently a hive of fast-moving gentrification and rent spikes in one of the oldest African-American family oriented neighborhoods. Most of the buildings are old beautiful brownstones and parts of it are fairly remote (more than a mile from a subway station).

A perfect day?

Long bike ride early in the morning on a warm day, followed by skating around with friends and ending up at the park or the beach with drinks and photographs.

What is the best thing about Brooklyn?

Currently, the still affordable rent in a ridiculously expensive city.

What is the worst?

Seemingly never-ending winters.

What would be surprising about Brooklyn to an outsider?

Most people are okay with walking everywhere. I never take the subway, I always travel via bike or skateboard.

If Brooklyn was a person or character who would it be?

Herbert Von King

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Lately I’ve been looking at contemporary photographers like Jake Stangel, Daniel Shea and Geordie Wood.


Name:Bryan Banducci


Favorite place to eat:

Bunna Ethopian

Favorite place to drink:

Bar: The Levee

Cafe: Marlow & Sons

Favorite shop:

Outlier Tailored

Local Tip:

Drink margaritas in McCarren Park in the summer.

Must Do:

Ride a bike to the beach.