9 Best Surf Spots Around the World

9 Best Surf Spots Around the World

Photo by Yodeler Jackson Koorenhof.

Kaua’i, Hawaii

Ask any respectable traveler one destination they’d like to visit before they die and Hawaii is guaranteed to be an answer. Besides being known for luaus, Hawaii, specifically Kaua’i, offers surfers a drool-inducing surf spot.

San Clemente, California

While California embodies surfing culture, there is one town that stands above the rest: San Clemente. San Clemente represents the ideal surf town where the love of water is instilled in a resident’s mentality at a young child.

Photo by Yodeler Kristianne Koch Riddle.

Manhattan Beach, California

Another California beach to make the cut is Manhattan Beach. Its laid-back lifestyle along with spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset make it a surfer’s priority.

Photo by Yodeler Pete Halvorsen.

Ulladulla, Australia

If a surfer’s paradise exists, it’s in Ulladulla. This small coastal town has a beach that boasts extraordinary waves and crisp air.

Photo by Yodeler Ryan Pernofski.

New London, Connecticut

What makes achievements stand out sometimes is how rare they are. That’s no different in the case of New London, Connecticut. It’s surrounded by the Long Island Sound, an estuary that’s possible to surf as long as you avoid a certain trap!

Photo by Yodeler Sean W. Spellman.

Taghazout, Morocco

Surfers traveling the world for the greatest surf spots have looked abroad to discover Taghazout. Morocco’s legendary surf town is a favorite for its peaceful mornings and perfect tide.

Photo by Yodeler Jonny Miller.

Newport Beach, California

Despite its television portrayal, Newport Beach always had a special place for surfers. This lovable California beach town has a spot that produces some of the largest waves.

Photo by Yodeler Kelly Victoria.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For those looking for surfer-filled beaches, Northern Beaches is the spot.

Photo by Yodeler Mark Clinton.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town harbors a surf spot that is a challenge as much as it is dangerous. Called Dungeons, this beach produces waves so powerful that you can only surf by jet ski and only a rare breed can do it without one. With waves that reach 80 feet high, this is a must-see for all travelers and surfers alike.

Photo by Yodeler Alan van Gysen.