A Day in the Life in Wisconsin by Rob Brecher in Hudson, Wisconsin

I wanted my photos to really capture the fresh flora we have here in Wisconsin. Year round, we always have green forest to look at. Regardless of the cold winters, you are still able to see the true beauty of Wisconsin nature.

Name:Rob Brecher


Tell us about Wisconsin:

Wisconsin has a bad reputation for being known as a “Winter Tundra” during the winter season. However, what most people don’t know is there are still some plants that survive the negative temperature nature throws at them. Lush forests and very green landscapes are still there, hidden under the blanket of snow.

A perfect day?

A perfect day would be waking up early to jump in the St. Croix river, and then coffee at the Hudson Dunn Brothers coffee shop. Then drinks while having a backyard bonfire on the outskirts of St. Croix county where we can have huge fires.

What is the best thing about Wisconsin?

It is far enough out that you don’t have to worry about noise or light pollution. The forest is lush and creates a variety of photo opportunities.

What is the worst?

The negative temps can be hard on the skin.

What would be surprising about Wisconsin to an outsider?

It is greener than most people could imagine.



Name:Rob Brecher


Favorite place to eat:

San Pedro’s

Favorite place to drink:

Dunn Brothers

Local Tip:

Dress for the season.

Must Do:

Have to check out the historic downtown scene. Everything to do both day and night.