Our Special Places by Anders Vinje in Karmøy, Norway

Karmøy has a bit of everything. It’s an island on the western coast of Norway surrounded by ocean. It has beaches, mountains, forests and freshwater seas. I want to show you a side of Karmøy that I personally enjoy. I spend lots of time walking with my dog in the nature, sometimes with a friend, and these are pictures from a couple of our journeys.

Name:Anders Vinje



I try to take one day at a time because tomorrow may never come. However, I am a human being so I do have some thoughts. For some reason I have a calling to teach myself French and learn it by living in a place where they speak the language. I think it’s a passionate and romantic language and also it comes in handy when you travel in Africa, which I want to explore. I also have a calling to move to the United States one day because of all my enthusiastic dreams. Other than that I’d like to write different kinds of books and do art with my camera and make some new friends all over the world with similar interests.

Tell us about Karmøy:

Karmøy is a place where the four seasons argue on who is steering the wheel on a everyday basis. People are either very Christian or NOT. It’s a bit black-and-white. This materialism movement hit the island pretty hard and seems to be progressing still. The weather is mostly cloudy and it rains a lot. The wind, wow, it has a lot of windpower, which is great for surfing. Karmøy is known to be a good place to surf. Sheeps, cows and horses – a lot of those. Beautiful forests, beautiful fields, but what I think the special thing about Karmøy is the ocean that surrounds the island. A lot of great views. I’d recommend bringing a tent or a caravan and enjoy the constant changing weather.

A perfect day?

A perfect day would be waking up on a sunny day and enjoying a long walk into the wilderness or a long beach with mountains. What’s even better is to do both and I do it all the time! It’s a short distance to everything.

What is the best thing about Karmøy?

The sound of the waves are not far, neither is the wind from the trees. That is truly a blessing.

What is the worst?

The weather is not your best friend here, but it’s also uniquely beautiful when it’s good – rare but beautiful. Also, if you were travelling here, I think you’ll find people to be quite introverted here. It is not the friendliest place, but nor is it unfriendliest. It’s just like the clouds. It’s a bit of gray, I think. But when the sun is out, especially in the summer, people are very happy. I guess it depends when you’re here.

What would be surprising about Karmøy to an outsider?

The constant hardcore wind.

If Karmøy was a person or character who would it be?

Someone between Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Alison Scarpulla – I love her artistic style and concepts. James Nachtway – The man himself is incredible for doing what he’s doing. I have deep respect for his work. Alan Watts and Carl Jung both changed my life.



Name:Anders Vinje


Favorite place to eat:

There are not many restaurants in Karmøy. Mostly junk food. I think the only restaurant is the Chinese one whose owner is fascinating and has a changing personality, but he is worth the experience. You’ll find him on Åkrehamn.

Favorite place to drink:

I honestly do not think this would be worth anyone’s time.

Local Tip:

Come in the summer. Not before or after.

Must Do:

Rent a car and explore everything. Find a road called Burmavegen and drive through there. Explore the nature from Åkrehamn. See the viking garden and the thousand year old church. Sandvesand is our most beautiful beach. There are some really beautiful stone beaches with mountains and some light towers on Ferkingstad which I would also recommend.