A Long Winter by Jodi Tychkowsky in Edmonton, Canada

A long winter, traced with memories of summer.

Darkness and Light. A sunshine capital of Canada, although much of the long winter is spent largely in darkness. The long days in the summer are glorious, Edmontonian’s play twice as hard in the short summer. The winters can be miserable, but also indescribably beautiful. A strong sense of community emerges when the winter gets tough and we are all doing -30 degree days.

Name:Jodi Tychkowsky

Place you live: Edmonton, Canada

Place your photo was taken: My back yard

Occupation: Graphic/web designer

Preoccupation: Art, MusicPhotography, Painting, Travel.

A perfect meal in Edmonton? International fare. I grew up eating wonderful Ukrainian food in my home, but Edmonton has great Vietnamese, Thai or even Cajun food. Or you can find amazing burgers in this town if that is your thing.

A little known fact about where you live? Edmonton has the largest Fringe Theatre Festival in North America.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? I don’t get a lot of visitors, Edmonton may not be a tourist destination, but I’d hope their visit coincides with a festival such a the Edmonton Folk Music Festival or the Fringe. I’d take visitors to eat some great local restaurants, to see some live music (this city has some great small venues lined up with great local talent), the Art Gallery of Alberta and a walk through the River Valley.