Mori by Mutsumi Makino in Miyazaki City, Japan

”Mori”means forest in Japanese. My sister (in these photos) and I  grew up near this “Mori.” There are many strange plants and somewhere there is a big cave!

Name:Mutsumi Makino

Place you live: Miyazaki City, Japan

Place your photos were taken? A park in the great forest

A perfect day? I wish you all to come here on sunny day! You’ll see the beautiful sight. Summer is long and very hot, however winter is warm and comfortable.

A little known fact about where you live? We have a relaxed sense of time that is called “Hyuga Jikan.” If you’ll promise to meet a friend who lives in (or is from) Miyazaki, you should remember that your friend may come late. But please don’t be angry! I recommend you also enjoy laid back atmosphere.