Alive by Anne Grondal in Copenhagen, Denmark

The morning and evening light in the Nordic countries is fantastic and long in the summer. However it is very cloudy most of the time. So when the light/ sun is there, we enjoy it. Copenhagen is full of bicycles. We even have separate lanes for bikes which expands all the time. Tourists watch out! You have to know the unwritten rules for bikers; always keep to the right, don’t place yourself to the left if you can’t keep up the pace, never stop without signalling, etc..

Name:Anne Grondal


Tell us about the place you live:

Copenhagen is a hipster city. We all love it when the sun comes out in the summer, because the city comes alive and is buzzing with people and life. There are lots of green spots, parks and a few castles in the city too!

A perfect day?

A day with sun and a glass of cold white wine after a city walk (the city is so small you can easily walk through it.) If there’s no sun, then we have a lot of cozy wine bars with candle light, what we in Danish call “hygge.”

What is the best thing Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is great for city walks or you can sit in a park or at the lakes and enjoy the sun, birds and people.

What is the worst?

Traffic noise in some places.

What would be surprising about Copenhagen to an outsider?

All the bikes, and how the weather can change people’s attitude. Danish people can be very closed off during winter time, but then get friendlier when it’s warmer and everyone gets outside.

If your city was a person or character who would it be?

A narcissistic person who didn’t care what other people think.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Sessun (French fashion designer), Ken Loach (filmmaker), the American photographer at my friends wedding in Texas (don’t remember her name, but she inspired me to do fun portrait photos.)


Name:Anne Grondal


Favorite place to eat:

Rents are too high to afford restaurants, however Geranium is great (but expensive), Llama for South American and Café Nice for French, mostly for moilles frites.

Favorite place to drink:

Cava bar at Torvehallerne (only open in summer), bier bars in Blaagaardsgade and bier bar, Kølster in Rantzausgade.

Favorite shop:

Illum plus vintage shops

Local Tip:

Go for a walk over Dronning Louise’s Bro (a bridge). If the sun is out you will see a lot of Danish smart asses (also called hipsters) enjoying the sun, music and each other. The walk around there and the lakes are also nice. Visit Paper Island, where you can eat and relax in a beach chair and enjoy a view over the opera and marble church in Copenhagen.

Must Do:

Relax and don’t get annoyed over the weather. Maybe go to Tivoli (amusement park with beautiful lights in the evening). Walk in Kings Garden and around Langelinie and Kastellet. Take a canal tour and have a bier/wine in Nyhavn.