Blissed Out Beach Days by Holly Shoebridge in Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia

The Northern Beaches are like some kind of colourful saltwater wonderland with a plethora of pristine beaches at your disposal to while away the hours on any given day with a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and everchanging seascapes to admire.

Name:Holly Shoebridge



Photography and Art

Tell us about Northern Beaches:

A colourful saltwater playground with a chilled beach vibe. Whether you want to enjoy nature, hunt for an amazing coffee or epic meal, fly in a plane, sail on a boat, walk through art galleries or listen to live music, there is something for everyone!

A perfect day?

Start the day about half an hour before sunrise (this is when the most amazing colour tends to appear in the sky) on any one of the amazing beaches. Once you’ve seen the sunrise, go for a dip/surf/frollock in the ocean, it’s the best start to any day! Grab a coffee and bacon and egg roll from one of the wicked local baristas, there are so many to choose from along the beaches. Take a drive out to Palm Beach and walk up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse, there are some incredible views from up there. Head back down the hill and enjoy a sunbake session on Palm Beach. From there we move onto one of the beachside bars to kick back with a couple of cocktails to chill out. Spend the evening in Manly enjoying a Mexican feast and finish the night off listening to a bit o’ live music!

What is the best thing about Northern Beaches?

It’s an ocean inspired lifestyle. The ocean brings with it a beautiful sense of peace and a backdrop of ever changing beauty. To watch the sunrise over the ocean with a coffee, catch a ferry to work in the city and come home with enough time for a surf in the evenings is mindblowing. It is home to a diverse yet super supportive community, whatever your needs or interests may be. The Northern Beaches is a beautiful place to call home and I’m so incredibly grateful.

What is the worst?

Sometime the Northern Beaches can be referred to as a bubble or the insular peninsular, because it’s such a beautiful place and there is always so much to do, it has been thought that people can get stuck on the Beaches and not experience what the rest of Sydney has to offer.

What would be surprising about Northern Beaches to an outsider?

The ever increasing house prices! They’ll knock most people off their feet.

If Northern Beaches was a person or character who would it be?

Let’s say Rob Machado. Loves the ocean, supports local community, has a chilled vibe and an appealing charm. What’s not to like?

Who are three of your favorite artists?

This is a hard one, there is so much inspiration out there. Narrowed down to three, I’d have to say:

Jennifer Stenglein – Incredible photographer uniquely capturing the essence of her subjects. Ming Nomchong – Another inspiring photographer whose ocean inspired images transport you to another place. Mitch Gobel – A resin artist not afraid to use loads of colour, express his opinion and is aligned with a worthy cause.


Name:Holly Shoebridge

City:Northern Beaches

Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

Background Coffee

Favorite shop:

I don’t have a favourite shop. Why shop when you could be at the beach!

Local Tip:

Generally the further north you head, the more solitude you’ll find. Especially at sunrise.

Must Do:

You have to see a sunrise over the ocean, go for a swim and enjoy a walk through nature!