Another World by Kamdushka in Cottage Grove, Oregon

In my town every season is distinct and beautiful. Almost as if my town is in another world. Fall, especially, is magical to the point of mysterious. The trees alone create such beautiful and amazingly natural stories by themselves. I have never seen such brilliant and ever changing abundance of colors as I have here. The town may be small but all of its natural beauty is huge. From its history and beginnings to its long preserved covered bridges, this towns wonder could be a postcard everyday.

Tell us about the place you live:

A quaint small town that prides itself in its historical presence. Each person living here is part of the beginning. The natural beauty in every season gives a sense of wonderment each and everyday.

A perfect day?

The perfect day in my town is when the temperature is 70 degrees and the sky is an amazing blue with clouds so perfect and white they seem to sing. Almost surreal they are. I have never seen such a natural display of beauty. The air is crisp and smells of comfort.

What is the best thing about Cottage Grove?

Every picture I have taken has been on a whim. I could be driving down the street look around and literally have to stop and capture what I see. From the river to a simple maple tree to the old broken wooden tiny house they all tell a story and I must freeze that moment.

What is the worst?

Haven’t had one yet.

What would be surprising about Cottage Grove to an outsider?

The many places you can explore each with their own story.

If Cottage Grove was a person or character who would it be?

It couldn’t be just one. It would have to be a combination of many.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Xavier Rudd, Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam, CS Lewis



City:Cottage Grove

Favorite place to eat:

Any Mexican restaurant

Favorite place to drink:

Axe and Fiddle, Busters Main Street Cafe

Favorite shop:

The Bookmine, Kalapuya Books

Local Tip:

Everyone knows everyone and never assume to judge a person by how they appear.

Must Do:

Visit the covered bridges, take a ride down the Row River Trail, visit the lakes, go fishing, hike to the top of Mt. David, see the sunset and sun rise more than once, visit all the shops on Main Street, and wave to our local “cottage grove waver” who everyday sits at the intersection and waves to everyone he sees.