Bar Beach Obsession by Katherine Williams in Newcastle, Australia

I’ve lived in many places around the world but Newcastle is by far the most beautiful! My new year’s resolution was to go into the ocean as much as possible! And so far, unless the weather conditions have been too dangerous, I’ve at least dipped my feet into the water once or often twice a day! Bar Beach is my favourite spot, especially in the early morning or at sunset. The beach is protected by rocks so the surf is never too rough for a swimmer like me. I became obsessed with capturing life at Bar Beach and try to be as inconspicious as possible…but taking a phone into the water attracts more attention than I expected!

Name:Katherine Williams

Portrait and wedding photographer


Documentary photographer, beach addict, traveller of the world…always planning the next adventure.

Tell us about the place you live:

Newcastle is about 180km north of Sydney on Australia’s east coast. It has loads of beaches, is surrounded by stunning places, it’s a coffee addict and foodie heaven and is always snubbed by Sydney-siders.

A perfect day?

There is no better way to start the day than to pop down to the beach for a quick swim before the sun becomes to harsh. Have a yummy breakfast at one of the beach cafes and then find a cool or shady place to hang out. And then in the evening, back to the beach for another dip in the ocean!

What is the best thing about your spot?

The landscape, the super relaxed vibe, the great food and coffee.

What is the worst?

Housing prices and rent…although it’s still way better here than in Sydney and other major Australian cities.

What would be surprising about Newcastle to an outsider?

That it’s not a country town or a dirty coal city.

If Newcastle was a person or character who would it be?

A very moody, unpredictable and unstable character…one minute it’s super hot and sunny, the next thing you know the temperature has dropped 20 degrees and we have severe storm warnings with tennis ball sized hail stones!

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Darcy Padilla, Paul Kelly, Ben Quilty


Name:Katherine Williams


Favorite place to eat:

The Edwards

Favorite place to drink:

Sherwood Coffee

Favorite shop:

All the boutiques on Darby Street!

Local Tip:

Go to the markets! There are so many awesome designers around here!

Must Do:

Go to the beach for sunrise!