Arthurs’s Seat by Igor Termenon in Edinburgh, Midlothian, UK

This is part of the first fashion shoot I did when I moved to Edinburgh, it was taken in Arthur’s Seat which is a mountain in the middle of the city. It is an amazing place, there’s even a valley and when you’re in there you could never think that just 10 away it is all surrounded by buildings. It is probably my favourite place in Edinburgh and the moment I moved here I knew that my first fashion shoot was gonna be there.

Name:Igor Termenon

Place you live: Edinburgh, Midlothian, UK

Place your photo was taken: Arthur’s Seat

Can you sum up the place you live? Edinburgh is a quite touristy city, moved here around four months ago and to be honest still don’t know all of it although it is a quite small place. Apart from the tourists, which I find sometimes quite annoying, it is a nice city and I really like all the green areas that you can find, like the one on the photo.

Occupation: I studied engineering and product design but right now I’m working in a digital marketing agency and spend my free time taking photos.

Preoccupation: Today my biggest preoccupation is leaving everything ready for my first solo exhibition, which opens in 1 month.

A perfect day in Edinburgh? Sundays definitely, love spending the morning walking around and visiting some of the independent shops like Analogue Books. Then grab something to eat at a little café and maybe go for a couple of pints by the end of the day.

For the visitor? They have to visit all the tourist attractions cause they´re actually really nice, but they should also spend some visiting the less known areas of Edinburgh. Stockbridge is an amazing neighborhood, was there again last Sunday and every time I go I always think of moving there in the future.

A perfect meal in Edinburgh? I still don’t know if I would call this place home as I just moved a few months ago, but Holyrood 9A has amazing burgers.

What is the best thing about your spot? That it doesn’t feel to big and when you move away from the main tourist areas everything is really relaxed.

What is the worst? The masses of tourists

Where is your favorite place in the world? Probably California, although I’ve never been there