Atlantic Background by Sean Doolan Hames in Rhode Island

Like some people, wherever I go, I always have my iPhone in my pocket. I’m always reacting to whatever environment I’m in whether it’s the city, the beach, driving through some old town, or just hanging with friends. I think it’s important to document the things you see around you: the little things most people might not notice, or the people some might pass without seeing.

Name:Sean Doolan Hames

Videographer and photographer.

Tell us about Rhode Island:

Rhode Island is incredibly small. It’s really easy to get to a city like Providence or a quaint historic town like Newport or take a ferry out to a place as magnificent as Block Island. Narragansett is a really small beach town so, growing up, the Atlantic Ocean has always been somewhere in the background.

A perfect day?

The perfect day would involve time at the beach, frozen lemonade, seafood, photo making, and just spending time with good friends and family. It would most likely take place on Block Island towards the end of summer when the air begins cooling off and the water is the perfect temperature for swimming.

What is the best thing about Rhode Island?

The summer. There’s always something to do and it’s like 10 degrees cooler at the beach than in the city.

What is the worst?

The tourism in the summertime is the worst. In the off season it can be wonderfully desolate, but then the crowds show up. The traffic gets backed up for days, and it gets a little too crowded.

What would be surprising about Rhode Island to an outsider?

I think the beauty of this place can be a little surprising to people. I see people down by the ocean just staring into the sea, kind of blown away and transfixed.

If Rhode Island was a person or character who would it be?

Salty Brine

Who are three of your favorite artists?

It’s really hard to break it down to three people. But I guess I’d go with basics like Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and I’ve really been enjoying Vivian Maier’s work.


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Name:Sean Doolan Hames


Favorite place to eat:

Crazy Burger

Favorite place to drink:

Mews Tavern

Local Tip:

Catch some nice light at sunrise and sunset down at the Point Judith Lighthouse.

Must Do:

Visit Block Island.