Stasha Becker’s Local Guide to Seattle by Stasha Becker in Seattle, Washington

Our family has two giant dogs and we wanted to show Seattle as the dog-friendly playground that it is. Even the busiest areas of downtown have enough greenery, shade and water to make it fun for us to explore on a sunny day. We can shop at the market, eat in our favorite restaurants, and enjoy art and sports in the parks with our dogs. Every park and every street in Seattle has little secrets to discover and it’s fun to see it through the eyes of our six-year-old son and his dogs. All my photos feature Seattle’s biggest tourist attractions which we still visit as part of our regular local explorations.



Name:Stasha Becker

Occupation: Photographer

Place you live: Seattle

How would you sum up Seattle? Green with a chance of showers, full of happy people that look serious, surrounded by water all around, and prettiest at the most unexpected times of the year.

How would you sum up the people of Seattle? Nonjudgmental, quirky, creative. They ask how you are cause they actually want to know. They’re neighbors who keep to themselves unless you invite them for over for a six pack of microbrews. We never jaywalk, always recycle, and love fancy food and the outdoors.

What was the experience like shooting for a campaign to promote Seattle to the world? Being a tourist in our beloved Seattle is so much fun. Everyone we asked to be in the photos was incredibly friendly and eager to join us! We were amazed at how accommodating local businesses are to families with dogs and how many of us bring our pooches when visiting downtown. I have never before taken photos of Seattle’s biggest attractions because we take them for granted and I was surprised just how big our cityscape is. It’s hard to squeeze the beauty of Seattle into a frame.

What’s a perfect day in Seattle? To be honest every day in Seattle is perfect. For me a perfect day would be a very rainy one starting with a family walk in the park, jumping in puddles with my son then leaving the dogs home to nap while we go to the Seattle Art Museum and enjoy some modern art followed by a coffee shop visit, a stop at the library, and dinner. And as a grand finale, we would go to the Seattle Symphony for our monthly concert.

What family-friendly activities would you recommend in Seattle? The best thing about Seattle is that children are welcome at all venues. So whatever you fancy doing while visiting Seattle, be it concerts, fine dinning, art galleries, sporting events, or gossiping at the coffee shop, children will love it too. There are always kid-friendly activities in the museums and galleries, as well as decaf fancy drinks and great kid menu items. Let’s not forget the amazing zoo, Museum of Flight, Pacific Science Center, Children’s Theatre and many other places that are great for kids but adults will love too!


What would be surprising about Seattle to an outsider? It really doesn’t rain quite as much as they say.

If Seattle was a person or character who would it be? A very handsome backpacker who loves the wilderness as long as he has the latest gadgets and a fancy coffee press with him, and can eat a gourmet meal as soon as he wakes up in his tent. Pretty much a modern, hipster version of John Muir.

Can you give a couple of tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Always take photos of things, moments, people and places that are meaningful to you. Because photography is a wonderful way to preserve who you are so celebrate your own life. And always make sure you expose your photos well. It’s step one in taking any photo.

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Name:Stasha Becker

Best place to eat:

Our all time favorite stop right downtown is the always delicious Japonesa.

Best place to drink?

Treat yourself to Lavender Chai at Anchored Ship coffee bar.

Best place to shop?

Thrift stores and farmers’ markets.

Best outdoor activity?

Walking the dogs.

Favorite park:

Volunteer Park.

Favorite neighborhood?

It’s a toss up between Ballard and Capitol Hill.

Local tip?

Don’t bother carrying an umbrella. We will know you are from out of town straight away.

If someone was visiting what must they do?

Check online for what’s going on in Seattle and jump in. The best way to see Seattle is to immerse yourself in it like a local. There is always so much to do!