Go Forth, Print From Andrew Groves

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Modern Black photo frame (with clipping path)


Name: Andrew Groves

Tell us about the Travel Inspiration Illustration you did for Global Yodel: I originally chose ‘Go Forth’ as I liked the shape the words make together, which gave me the idea for the composition. I also like the saying and try and encourage myself to go forth as much as possible.

Occupation: Illustrator and woodworker.

Preoccupation: Anything outdoors.

Place you live: Wiston, UK

Can you sum up Wiston? It’s a really small village of just a few houses hidden in the countryside beneath a range of low hills a short distance away from the coast in the South Downs National Park. I live in a small barn tucked away in the woods on a small country estate.

What is your perfect day in your village? Just doing a ton of things outside: hiking, looking for things in the woods, picnic lunches, shooting air rifles, making things, climbing trees, surfing if the conditions allow, and cooking dinner over the fire.

What is the best thing about your spot? We have great views up to the South Downs and are surrounded by woodland, which makes it a very peaceful place to be.

What is the worst? The nearby towns are not great.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider? I think how secluded and hidden it feels given the fact that it’s actually pretty close to some large towns.

Can you give a piece of advice to an aspiring illustrator? Work really hard, be polite and draw the things you love.

Who are three of your favorite illustrators right now? Liam Stevens, Nous Vous (actually a collective of three people) and Hanna Andersson.

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Place you live?

Wiston, UK

Andrew Groves

Best place to eat?
A picnic in the woods or on top of the downs.

Best place to drink?

One of the local country pubs, such as The Fountain, a 16th century proper English pub.

Best place to shop?

The Dark Star Brewery shop has a great selection of craft ales.

Local Tip?

Watch out for escaped cows and sheep.

If someone was visiting what must they do?

Bring a map, a bivvy bag and a compass and go exploring. It’s a great place to start a micro adventure.