Bakery Schmidt by Juliane Eirich in Berlin, Germany

The photo shows a german bakery in former East Germany. When I saw this scene I liked the mood and I thought it could be a good movie set.

These small family owned bakeries remind me of my childhood. As a child growing up in the south of Germany your mother will always have a pretzel with her, to hand it to you when you are hungry or to distract you when you are crying. I have always loved the taste and the shape of pretzels. The building itself is not very beautiful, but really German, so is the name: Bakery Schmidt. Schmidt is one of the most common family names in Germany. I think this photo can work to make a German living abroad homesick, thinking about childhood and pretzels. Actually if I was not a photographer I would like to be a baker.

Name:Juliane Eirich

Place you live: Berlin, Germany

Place your photo was taken: Around 45 minutes east of Berlin by car.

Occupation: Photographer

A perfect day? There are many different options but I will choose one: I like having breakfast at croissanterie in Kreuzberg, then explore areas that i don’t know yet by bike, then go to sauna or hammam and then for pizza at Il Casolare.

If someone was visiting what must they do? I would suggest to go to Tempelhof. It is the former airport ground that was turned into a huge park. It is a very special and wonderful location.

A perfect meal? There are again many options. These days my favorite thing is Turkish Köfte at Gel Gör Köfte in Kreuzberg. It is great at any time of the day and after eating one you always think of eating one more.

A little known fact about Berlin? Nobody goes swimming at nine in the morning. That is the only time when there is some space in the usually very crowded indoor pools.

Where is your favorite place in the world? There is no real favorite one, but these I like a lot: My apartment in Berlin and Berlin in general, Munich, the mountains in the south of Germany, Hawaiis mountains and beaches, Kawayu Onsen in Hokkaido, the whalefish room in the museum of Natural History in New York, the badminton court on Namsan mountain in Seoul, Itoshima in Japan, where I just spend one month to create new work.