Love Leave by Owen Jones in Plymouth, Devon, UK

With no disrespect to the City itself (which I love), the best thing about living in Plymouth is the surrounding area. With the stunning rugged moorland and countryside to the North and some of the country’s best beaches to the south, Plymouth is positioned perfectly for anyone who loves the great outdoors! When the weather is good, and if you’ve got wheels, there’s never going to be a shortage of fun and adventurous activities you can engage in. I hope that I never take for granted what a beautiful part of the world I live in.

Name:Owen Jones

Place you live: Plymouth, Devon, UK

Place your postcard is designed for: Plymouth, and in particular the surrounding area.

Occupation: Graphic & Logo Designer and owner of Owen Jones Design

Preoccupation: Plymouth Argyle Football Club, sadly.

What is a perfect day in your city, town, or village? Wake up to the familiar sound of pigeons and seagulls outside and sun streaming through your window. A slow start, (probably incorporating a bacon sarnie), maybe a drive to a local beach to the South East or West for a swim in the sea, or perhaps North to Dartmoor to clamber over huge granite tors. A nice big lunch in a local pub, preferably washed down with a nice pint of real ale. A chilled out drive home ready to see the local football team, Plymouth Argyle, thrash their opponents by 4 or 5 goals (ok, but you never said it had to be realistic…!). Then back for a home cooked meal before heading out to catch some live music or just grab a couple more beers down on the Barbican by the sea. Perfect.

If someone was visiting for the first time for one day only, what must they do? Get out of the city and see the amazing nearby scenery – as previously mentioned.

What and where is a perfect meal in the place you call home? You’ve got a choice really. The famous local delicacy is the oft-imitated but rarely mastered Cornish pasty from across the bridge. Or if you fancy it, Cap’n Jaspers is a rustic and popular seaside burger shack right by the harbour. Hang out with the bikers, order the Jasperizer and a cup of tea and don’t forget to return your tea mug to the bar to reclaim your 20p deposit!

A little known fact about where you live? Plymouth’s motto: Turris fortissima est nomen Jehova is translated as “The name of the Lord (or Jehova) is the strongest tower.”