Barnston by Ruth Skinner in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Barnston is just a short drive and a tugboat ride from Vancouver. One 8km-long road winds around the span of the entire island. It makes for a beautiful walk and an even better bike ride. Less than two hundred people live there, but you walk by dairy and beef farms (Avalon milk is some of the best milk around), goats and llamas, fields of cranberries, a Katzie reservation, and the most picturesque cottages and farms that have been left empty to be reclaimed by nature. If you drift off the main road, you can follow small pathways through the trees to discover sandy beaches that lend a view across the Fraser River. Being so close to Vancouver and Surrey, Barnston is its own refuge, and puts your into an entirely different mindset from Vancouver proper.

Name:Ruth Skinner

Place you live: Vancouver, Canada

Place your photo was taken: Barnston Island, British Columbia

Can you sum up Vancouver? I grew up in a much windier and drier climate than this. Having been here for a few years now, I have the distinct feeling that when you leave things along for a little while, something quickly starts growing around it. The whole city feels like that.

What is a perfect day in Vancouver? Having a sunny day off to drift around, eat, drink, and lie in the grass.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Find a bike; see above.

A perfect meal in Vancouver? Anything from Peaceful Restaurant.

Where is your favorite place in the world? Newfoundland