Robert Moses State Park by Laina Briedis in Long Island, New York, USA

Being that many locations on Long Island (including the town I live in) are known for their boating and beaches during most parts of the year, I think this picture is a pretty good representation of life around here. We have tons of lighthouses, and even during the colder months you can climb to the top of them & enjoy gorgeous views! Overall, this picture feels very much like home to me, so I figured if not for that reason alone it’d be a good example to represent where I come from.

Name:Laina Briedis

Place you live: Long Island, New York

Place your photo was taken: Robert Moses State Park – about a half an hour ride from my house.

Can you sum up Long Island? I feel thoroughly lucky to live in such a diverse place! Although I definitely prefer the rural farmland towards the eastern most parts of the island, no matter where you live around here chances are you’re 20 minutes away from a beach or less. Being so close to the water is wonderful, but even if you’re someone who prefers a more urban lifestyle you’re only a short train ride away from New York City! All in all, Long Island is a very colorful and exciting place to live, full of lots of potential adventures.

Occupation: portrait studio & freelance photographer

A perfect day in Long Island? Probably sometime in the late spring or early summer, when the air is warm but still crisp. taking a drive to the nature preserve a few minutes from my house and going for a walk in the woods is always wonderful, or going to one of my favorite local beaches or docks to stick my feet in the water.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Oh my goodness, so many things! go to Robert Moses State Park and climb the lighthouse for sure, and take a ride out east on the island to see all the beautiful nature. There’s also a pretty wonderful planetarium about 35-40 minutes from my house, and about 25 minutes away there is an adorable little town full of quirky art and goodies. I’d also suggest taking a train into New York City for those who are into the hustle and bustle of cities. A trip into my town’s nature preserve would also be nice!

A perfect meal in Long Island? Not too far away from me there is a place called All American. They make the most delicious cheeseburgers you will ever eat in your life.

What is the best thing about your spot? The diversity of all the things to do, of course! Being close to the water is also a really awesome perk.

What is the worst? Sometimes, since we are a suburb of New York City, some areas can get pretty congested at certain times of day.

A little known fact about where you live? A lot of our towns are named after the Native Americans who used to live here.

Where is your favorite place in the world? Oh man, that’s like an impossible decision haha. I love the beaches we have out on Fire Island (Long Island’s Barrier Island), but I also really love the Adirondack mountain range in upstate New York.

Who are your three favorite photographers? I have too many, I couldn’t possibly choose just three! A few of my favorites would be Lina Scheynius, Margaret Durow, Jocelyn Catterson, Ryan Mcginley, but there are many many more.