Bologna & Mayo on White Bread by Brendan Carroll in Kendall Park, New Jersey, USA

BOLOGNA AND MAYO ON WHITE BREAD is a collection of 100 Polaroid photographs of Kendall Park, New Jersey. An anecdote is typewritten on the lower white margin of each Polaroid photograph. The anecdotes are fictional or derived from personal memory, other people’s memories, and actual events. 2004—2010.

Name:Brendan Carroll

Place you live: Astoria New York (Just moved.)

Place your photo was taken: Kendall Park, NJ, The place of my birth, and home til age of 18:  (It is an hour car ride from Astoria NY.)

Occupation: Writer / Artist

Preoccupation: English Premier League and kyonyuu

A perfect day in Kendall Park? In my parents backyard, eating ice cream, cold boogie chilling with Banjo, our 100 pound Golden Retriever

If someone was visiting what must they do? Get out as fast as they can or go to a Twelve Step meeting.

A perfect meal? Big Mare’s (My mother) kitchen table. Cavatelli with broccoli rabe and sausage in olive oil and garlic.

A little known fact? Donald Fagen, cofounder of Steely Dan, grew up in Kendall Park – he hated it there.

  1. img01 — Photo was taken in new planned residential development in Franklin, NJ. 3.7 miles from my childhood home. When I was a kid, it was woods. Now, its McMansions.
  2. img02 — Photo was taken in Monmouth Jct New Jersey. 4.2 miles from my childhood home. Real-estate developers knocked down this house. Now, its McMansion.
  3. img03 — Burrito Royale, U.S. 1, Kendall Park, NJ 08852. 6.4 miles from my childhood home. When I was 13 years old, I saw a trickle of blood drip from the crotch of Bridget O’ Riley our way to eat tacos. The blood ran down her leg. (To protect the woman, I changed her name to Bridget O’ Riley.)
  4. img04 — Corner of Bunker Hill Road and Rte 27. 3.6 miles from childhood home. As a kid, I remember seeing a dead deer on the side of the road at this juncture.
  5. img05 — Someplace near Friendship Road in Cranbury, NJ. 9.2 miles from childhood home. I knew a kid that lived around here. He raped a friend of mine. He lives in Israel now.
  6. img06 — Sandhill Road, Kendall Park, NJ. 4.1 miles from my childhood home. This place had a definite KKK vibe too it.
  7. img07 — Tulip Drive, Monmouth Jct, NJ. 5.6 miles from childhood home. Another day, another house.
  8. img08 — South Brunswick High School (now (Crossroads South Middle School), 195 Major Road, Monmouth Jct, NJ 08852. 5.5 miles from childhood home. I graduated from South Brunswick High School in 1992. I’d listen to WSOU 89.5 FM Seton Hall Radio (Thrash, Hardcore, Punk, Death Metal) on my way to school.