John Wayne by Beth Herzhaft in Los Angeles, California, USA

Name:Beth Herzhaft
Place you live: Los Angeles, California (born and raised)
Place your photo was taken: Los Angeles
Occupation: Photographer
Preoccupation: People who act thoughtlessly, such as people who text in theaters, drivers who don’t use turn signals, etc. Small things that add up to make the communal social experience less pleasant than it could be.
A perfect day? Not sure, but it would involve not driving and not cooking.
If someone was visiting what must they do? Griffith Observatory most certainly, Philippe’s French Dip Sandwich or Clifton’s Cafeteria, perhaps Farmer’s Market at Third & Fairfax but The Grove shopping center has almost ruined it’s charm….
A perfect meal?  Fabiolus Cafe in Hollywood is great and no attitude which I appreciate, although I am most definitely NOT a foodie.  To me, The feel of a place is much more important than the food or the hipness quotient of the customers.
A little known fact? Walt Disney had his first animation studio on the lot where my local grocery store is.