Flatbush Artery by Sean Stewart in Kings Plaza Mall, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Flatbush Avenue is one of the main arteries in Brooklyn, when traveling from the Manhattan Bridge to Rockaway. As a cyclist and a New Yorker, this is where I’ve encountered some of the most aggressive driving strategies of any borough. Here, no-look U-turns are not an uncommon sight. Flatbush Avenue is also where you’ll wait on a  bus for 25 minutes, and when you finally given up and decided to walk to your destination, 4 of them will simultaneously appear. Kings Plaza Mall is one of many bazaar sights in Brooklyn because, although it exists within a diverse neighborhood (a cross section of old Italian, Russian, and Caribbean influence), inside exists an experience of something quintessentially and undeniably American. Pass through these doors and you’ll find the American capitalist experience and architecture that looks and smells as it was originally postured over 30 years ago. If you were visiting from the Midwest and walked into Kings Plaza, you’ll immediately be overcome with homesickness. The image featured here comes from a body of work I’ve recently completed titled “L’etenel Est Grand,” which largely takes influence from living in Brooklyn for the past two years in a predominately Haitian neighborhood.

Name:Sean Stewart

Place you live: Brooklyn, NY

Place your photo was taken: Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn. This is on Flatbush Avenue close to the Marine Parkway Bridge that leads to Rockaway Beach.

Occupation:  Photographer

Preoccupation:   Films by Werner Herzog, Music by Yo La Tengo, John Updike novels, and riding my bike.

A perfect day? A perfect day consists of waking up before 7 AM on a Saturday and getting pancakes at the New Floridian Diner. It is a short bike ride away from where the above image was made. If I have the energy I’ll make some photographs in Brooklyn, but most of my image making takes me out of the city.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Rock, Rock Rockaway Beach and stroll through Prospect Park is recommended also.

A perfect meal? The Farm on Adderly. I’ve only been here twice, but their food is very special. Everything is sourced locally from farms in upstate New York. There menu changes seasonally, and Red Flannel Hash is to die for.