Bon Voyage, Print from Anna Fahrmaier in Vienna, Austria

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Name: Anna Fahrmaier

Place you live: Vienna

Occupation:  Graphic design and project management at Typejockeys.

Tell us about Vienna: Vienna is charming. Although it’s a city with a population of over one million, Vienna has got style and a cozy atmosphere. I love the surrounding nature and the Austrian countryside, but for me there is something missing. If Vienna was close to beaches and sea, and was sunny most of the time, then it would be just perfect!

A perfect day? Sunny, starting with a fresh squeezed orange juice.

If Vienna were a person or a character who would it be? An old person with style, charm and esprit.

What do you love about illustration? At Typejockeys, we focus on graphic design and type, but we do not do a lot of illustrating. I love my job, and also love the moments where I can just draw and do some free minded, non-client related stuff.

Can you offer a any tips to aspiring illustrators? Do what you love, but practice.

Who are three illustrators that inspire you? And why?
I really love Christopher David Ryan; his work is so delightful and refreshing. When I see it I get a smile on my face. Column Five Media does great, carefully thought out infographics. Anna Riflebond also does wonderful work!


This Yodel by Christie Maclean


Anna Fahrmaier


Best place to eat:
For Austrian: Schilling, Italian: Pizza Il Mare or Vietnamese: SAPA

Best place to drink:

25 Hours Hotel rooftop bar

Best outdoor activity:

Walking around the inner city and swimming in the summer or ice skating in the winter.

Local Tip:

Lainzer TiergartenDonau-Auen and riding bikes down the Danube bike path.

Must do:

See the city center with all the old, impressive buildings. Drink a melange. Chat with nice people.